Gladstone Navigator Platform

As a business owner committed to growing and perpetuating your business and legacy, you have myriad options. But generalized Practice Guides, typical Consultants, and clunky software just aren’t cutting it.

The Gladstone Navigator Platform is designed to assess and create a strategy around the options that best meet your objectives. We have combined our years of industry experience in M&A, Corporate Planning, Succession Planning, and Strategic Business Advisory to create a comprehensive, fully-integrated operating system derived from our core belief that Financial Advisors should spend their time where they provide the most value to the Client – dispensing advice. Simply stated, Gladstone’s Navigator Platform is based upon our proprietary technology platform, Gladstone Analytics, to optimize the delivery of advice to your business. We have developed a streamlined model which capitalizes on our eValuation Index™ tools and the industry’s most comprehensive data to facilitate the efficient and prudent delivery of Investment Banking and Corporate Planning intelligence.

Through a series of sequential modules (Guidance, Collaboration, Design, and Implementation), complete with scoreboards, Gladstone Navigator sets the course to deliver a plan with the greatest likelihood for success in a customized and logical manner. Data that matters, coupled with informed advice.