July 2020 - Dan's Monthly Musings

“Unprecedented Times”

I think the quarantine has me watching too much TV. With not much sports on, I’m going to places I’ve never been before and can’t say I’m better for it.

I keep hearing commercials about “unprecedented times”. All time is unprecedented, today is completely different from yesterday which will be completely different from tomorrow.

COVID is the Grey Swan and like all Grey Swans it was unpredictable and not anticipated or forecast by 99% of the intelligentsia. But most Grey Swans aren’t unprecedented, they swim up and poop on us all the time, they just take different forms. This isn't our first pandemic. It will pass.

The next Grey Swan will be equally unpredictable; not WWIII (not to say that’s an impossibility), not the Power Grid crashing (again, could happen), not the Internet going down. It’ll be something goofy like Aliens landing in Buckhead and taking over the Ritz Carlton as US hqs. NOW THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BE UNPRECEDENTED!!

And going back to TV; now that Charles Schwab has bought TD Ameritrade, can we get rid of the commercials with the annoying guy with the annoying voice and the annoying beard? He’s annoying. I’d rather hear from Chuck.

And please someone buy all the pillows from the pillow guy so he doesn’t need to advertise anymore. I need to get some good books and take a TV Time-out!

Stay well and Happy 4th,

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