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  • Gladstone Group Inc.

    Gladstone Group Inc.

    Gladstone is a nationally recognized, specialized M&A Advisory Firm with a singular focus: guiding independent financial services firms through transformative events.


    Gladstone’s services are designed for Independent Investment Advisors / RIA’s with $350 million to $5+ billion in AUM who are either seeking to retire, sell, or transition their business, or who want to grow their business via acquisition and/or merger. Our clients include Asset Managers, Family Offices, Financial Advisors, and Wealth Managers, along with Banks, Broker Dealers, CPA Firms, FinTech Platforms, Insurance & Benefits Providers, and Private Equity funds. Established in 2006, Gladstone’s corporate office is based just outside of Philadelphia, in Plymouth Meeting, PA, from which we provide services to clients nationwide.


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    To learn more about our services please visit our website:


    Gladstone will assist your firm in the analysis and execution of your sale, divestiture, merger, or inorganic growth alternatives; we are committed to assisting your firm in the exploration of all possible options while understanding your personal and corporate objectives. Our process, fine‐tuned with over a decade of successful deal experience, is fully comprehensive – after careful analysis of your desired goals, Gladstone provides a SWOT analysis and scoreboards your capabilities; advises on Valuation metrics; establishes go‐to‐market strategy; designs the Private Briefing and pitch material; researches, identifies, evaluates, and contacts targets and suitors; executes NDA’s; performs financial modeling and valuation benchmarks; coordinates outsourced Legal and Tax advisory; and negotiates the consideration, structure, terms and conditions of the business transaction, maintaining deal momentum from inception through conclusion. All this while providing deep insight on the "people" side of your business, a critical factor for Entrepreneurs but often overlooked by "Deal Jockeys".

    Buy‐side: Our Buy‐side clients include “Serial” (Multiple) Acquirers, as well as those firms seeking that “one right firm” to aid in growth. As an M&A Advisory firm borne out of a Search firm, we have the discipline, resources and expertise to get the pipeline filled with quality prospects.

    Sell‐side:If you are ready to monetize your life’s work, secure your succession, and take care of your clients through to the next generation(s), it is wise to be guided by an experienced firm to maximize value, negotiate the best terms, and match you with a quality partner to fit your culture and values. Don’t go it alone!

    Merger:When an identified Buyer and Seller need advice on “closing the deal”, Gladstone is brought in to provide all the resources to get it done. While we are hired by one side, both parties know that they are being guided by a fair and knowledgeable arbiter.


    As experts in financial services businesses, we always arrive at a fair, comprehensive, and accurate valuation. Whether you are a buyer or seller, industry‐specific knowledge is essential to calculating the true market value of a business; simply multiplying revenue by an archaic formula is not good enough for Gladstone clients. Gladstone’s proprietary valuation model factors in complex details and drivers, resulting in a valuation highly specific to the world of the financial intermediary. Premiums and Discounts, market factors, KPI's and Private Market Comparables are important overlays to AUM-Revenue-EBITDA-EBOC. The proprietary Gladstone Valuation provides virtually all aspects of a Fairness Opinion/Accredited Valuation at far less cost. Gladstone’s proven track record in using highly specialized valuation metrics will be sure to help you buy right, sell profitably, and transfer wisely.


    Executive Search
    The key to unlocking growth potential is not always in acquisition, capital raises, or corporate restructuring; sometimes, the best answer to the growth equation is a key personnel hiring. Through our affiliated company, D.A.Kreuter Associates Inc. (“DAK”), we can assist in recruiting impact players, both experienced “C‐suite” hires, revenue generators, and next generation hires. DAK, established in 1979, has successfully completed thousands of searches on behalf of financial services firms with a comprehensive 16‐ step process. Financial services firms utilize DAK to design winning search strategies resulting in the successful, long‐term hiring of:

    • President / CEO
    • CCO / CFO / CIO / COO / CTO
    • Senior Wealth Managers
    • Senior Sales Managers
    • Business Development Directors
    • “Successor” Advisors
    • Back Office & Advisory Platform Staff
    • Team “Lift‐ outs”
    • Due Diligence / Gatekeeper
    • Portfolio Manager
    • CFP / Planner

    Strategic Growth Advisory
    Successful independent “Boutique” firms sometimes hit a growth wall or outrun their air cover. Contemplating critical "Keep-SellBuy-Grow" decisions. Not actively seeking to Buy or Sell, but requiring an objective, seasoned outside resource to talk to? Gladstone will crystallize your vision, create the game plan, and execute on command. Larger entities on up to the largest Global Banks and Asset Managers retain Gladstone for deeper clarity around executing growth and acquisition strategies in the Independent Wealth and Asset Management space. Our enterprise solutions are data and experience driven, street-smart and effective. Winning strategies don’t happen by chance; Gladstone is your confidential and informed choice to authoring successful growth campaigns.

    Important Disclosure: Gladstone does not sell, recommend or endorse any Investment or Insurance products. We may refer other service professionals if requested by our clients. Gladstone Associates, LLC is a professional services organization and is not a securities broker‐dealer, not a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), not a registered investment advisor (RIA) and not a member of SIPC.


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