Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning Advisory

Whether you want a concise Valuation; are thinking through your Succession Plans; require assistance in Corporate or Strategic Planning; or would like to add an impact player to your team, Gladstone has the proven expertise to do it right the first time.

The key to unlocking growth potential is not always in acquisition, capital raises, or corporate restructuring; sometimes, the best answer to the growth equation is a key personnel hiring. Through our affiliated company, D.A.Kreuter Associates Inc. (“DAK”), we can assist in recruiting impact players, both experienced “C‐suite” hires, revenue generators, and next generation hires. DAK, established in 1979, has successfully completed thousands of searches on behalf of financial services firms with a comprehensive 16‐ step process. Financial services firms utilize DAK to design winning search strategies resulting in the successful, long‐term hiring of:
  •  President / CEO
  •  CCO / CFO / CIO / COO / CTO
  •  Senior Wealth Managers
  •  Senior Sales Managers
  •  Business Development Directors
  •  “Successor” Advisors
  •  Back Office & Advisory Platform Staff
  •  Team “Lift‐ outs”
  •  Due Diligence / Gatekeeper
  •  Portfolio Manager
  •  CFP / Planner
  •  Legal/Compliance

Business Valuation

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or simply a curious business owner, industry-specific knowledge is essential to calculating the true market value of a financial services business.

Gladstone is expert at understanding the underlying value-drivers of your business and recognizing its future potential to arrive at a fair market valuation range.  We have actually built Valuation Software in-house; simply multiplying revenue by an archaic formula isn’t good enough for Gladstone clients.

The main focus of our valuation techniques is a discounted cash flow model, which allows for substantially more customization of future cash flows, increasing the accuracy of realized synergies in future periods. We also take into account the market comparable multiples, and our own proprietary private transaction database, to provide a more complete valuation picture, with fewer overall assumptions than any one individual approach.

We have a proven track record in using our valuation metrics to help you buy right; sell profitably; and transfer wisely, in a cost-efficient and timely manner. 

Strategic Growth Advisory

Successful independent “Boutique” firms sometimes hit a growth wall or outrun their air cover. Contemplating critical "Keep-Sell-Buy-Grow" decisions? Not actively seeking to Buy or Sell, but requiring an objective, seasoned outside resource to talk to? Gladstone will crystallize your vision, create the game plan, and execute on command.

Larger entities on up to the largest Global Banks and Asset Managers retain Gladstone for deeper clarity around executing growth and acquisition strategies in the Independent Wealth and Asset Management space. Our enterprise solutions are data and experience driven, street-smart and effective.

Winning strategies don’t happen by chance; Gladstone is your confidential and informed choice to authoring successful growth campaigns.

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