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Corporate Planning for Closely Held Enterprises in Philadelphia, New York, and Nationwide

corporate strategic planning process and servicesAt Gladstone Associates, LLC, we understand that growing your venture takes expansive thinking and creative problem-solving. Whether you are an Independent Investment Advisor, an RIA, Founding Principal/Stakeholder, or a g2 Partner, we provide corporate planning and strategy solutions to achieve your goals. Our proven processes help define your vision and provide an operational map to unleash the potential of your closely-held, private enterprise.

We work alongside you while bringing in meaningful data, strategic insight, and street-smart perspectives to give you the most accurate value of your business in real-time. If you are looking to sell, merge, keep, or partner with a company in Philadelphia, New York, or nationwide, corporate strategic planning with Gladstone can guide you through any transformative event.

Established in 2006, we have been engaged in over 100 completed transactions and merger consultations, and hundreds of valuations and executive searches. Our extensive accomplishments are highlighted here in our Tombstones. A no-obligation, no-cost preliminary consultation is just a call or click away.

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Corporate Strategic Planning

corporate strategic planning expertsAmong the top-most levels of planning within an organization, corporate strategy is the most sophisticated and contains many variables. Our team takes the time to understand your perspective and deliver an operational plan that offers quantifiable benefits and insights into your company as a whole. You need high-end strategic planning to shine the best light on your business. It's not just about compliance, the right software, or the current market trends. Effective corporate strategic planning coordinates multiple perspectives to build value in the marketplace and get the best possible outcome.

We can give you the most accurate snapshot of the value of your business in today's marketplace. Along with the highly respected Gladstone Fair Market Valuation, we can recommend how to fix your balance sheet and financials to optimize a potential sale, merger or purchase. We have created our own proprietary Valuation models to understand your business key drivers better and define goals at the top that will cascade through each level of the organization.

Gladstone's business model is designed for Independent Financial Services businesses who want to grow through expansion or merger, or are looking to sell, retire, or transition. We work with:

  • RIA Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Money Managers
  • Banks
  • Broker-Dealers
  • FinTech Platforms
  • Private Equity Funds

A Comprehensive Offering of Strategies

We take the straightest line between two points and get you where you want to be without redundant actions. If you are looking to transition your business, you need competent representation. We match you with a platform fit, expanding your brand and finding ways to improve your outcome. Although you may be an expert advisor, you still need a guide when buying or selling. Three critical components of our corporate strategic planning services include:

Business Valuation: Whether you are buying, selling, or merging, our industry-specific knowledge and experience ensure that you understand the true market value of your business. Our proprietary Gladstone Valuation provides a defensible Fair Market range and uses specialized metrics and provides virtually all aspects of a Fairness Opinion/Accredited Valuation at a reasonable cost. A “Range of Valuation” is included in our sell-side representation.

Enterprise Planning: Strategic plans are carefully crafted around the uniqueness of your Succession & Legacy Planning pivoting carefully around your shareholder and employee dynamics, available capital, and current marketplace conditions; all objectives are considered. Your customized plan will protect your business, tax, and legal needs providing peace of mind that your legacy is in good hands.

Executive Search: A committed and fully engaged leadership team is crucial to the success of any transition. Oftentimes, a key C-Suite hire, Senior Advisor, Private Banker, Planners, Sales/Marketing Pros, Investment Talent, Operations or Compliance hire can turn the key to explosive growth. Our sibling company, DAK Associates, provides flexible Recruitment engagement models designed to identify strengths, barriers, and opportunities, and unleash the potential of your C-suite team. We will access hidden candidates and specialized talents, assess your entire enterprise, and design incisive Position Specifications, and Compensation Plans before searching the market for the best fit. As Industry Specialists with a deep track record of search success, we will inform your thinking and de-risk your key hiring moves.

Nationwide Corporate Strategic Planning You Can Trust

Dependable nationwide corporate strategic planningAt Gladstone Associates, LLC, we take pride in providing you with unbiased guidance, measurable results, and focused attention. Larger entities up to the most prominent global banks and asset managers retain Gladstone for more profound clarity around executing growth and acquisition strategies in the independent wealth and asset management space.

Our enterprise solutions are data and experience-driven, street-smart, and practical. Winning corporate and planning strategies don't happen by chance. Gladstone Associates, LLC is your personal and knowledgeable choice for implementing successful growth campaigns in Philadelphia, New York, and Nationwide. Call and schedule a time with one of our experts today.

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