What is your engagement model?

Gladstone works on a “soft- retainer” basis with our clients ensuring discretion, intense focus, and complete alignment, with a reasonable Success Fee only upon completion. 

What do your typical clients look like?

Sell-side clients are typically RIAs in the $2M- $50M revenue range ($200M-multi$Billion AUM); Buy-side clients are typically $1Billion AUM on up including Serial Acquirers; Mega-RIAs; Banks; Employee Benefits/Insurance/CPA firms; Asset Managers and Private Equity firms. Enterprise clients range up to Global Large Cap financial services entities.

What sectors do you serve?

Independent wealth and investment management firms encompassing RIA's & multi-family offices; Independent Broker- Dealers; Asset Managers; Insurance Companies and Banks.

How do you value firms?

Gladstone utilizes a proprietary Fair Market value methodology which is based on discounted cash flow modeling supported by our vast private transaction database and analytic modeling, augmented by market factors and Premium/Discount Drivers and KPIs exclusively relevant to the independent RIA Wealth & Investment Management space.

What services do you provide?

Highly personalized and customized support for firms that are contemplating buying, selling or merging; strategic corporate planning including Valuations, Executive Search, and Strategic Growth Advisory. 

What geographic markets do you serve?

Gladstone is based in Philadelphia but services clients nationally.

How can I get started?

A confidential, no-charge phone consultation will get you on your way; and Gladstone offers a Readiness Suite for clients in the beginning stages of a transaction as a helpful scorecard for launch.

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