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sell-side advisory services by Gladstone AssociatesAt Gladstone Associates, LLC, our deep industry knowledge and street-smart approach allows us to provide M&A solutions and market insights that inform and guide the agenda of Founder/Owners and Entrepreneurs in the RIA/Wealth Management sector. We bring together highly-focused professionals to resolve your most challenging business transition issues. If you are ready to monetize your life's work, secure succession, and ensure client satisfaction for generations, our team is on your side through all the stages of your transaction. A no-obligations private conversation with a Gladstone principal is an easy way to get started.

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Packaging and Preparing Your Business for Sale

Our seasoned team will keep you laser-focused on your needs and objectives. We will help you determine the Key Drivers of your potential transition, discuss what to expect, and define the process and timetable. We take the time to truly know your culture & vision, your service model, and your key personnel, providing sound advice and strategic insight throughout the transaction process. We maximize your business value by evaluating:

  • Investment Solutions
  • Client Demographics
  • Products and Services
  • Profit Margins
  • Costs Structure
  • Fixed and Variable Expenses
  • Competitive Standing
  • Market Trends

After this assessment, we organize and re-cast financials, formulate projections, assess value, produce a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), and design a highly screened Suitor List.

Business Valuation for Sell-Side

sell-side business valuation servicesTrue Enterprise Value is established during the process of negotiation-a negotiation supported by Gladstone's private database of prior Valuations and Deals, providing the benchmarks for a logical and defensible range of value. The biography of the company includes a written description of vital day-to-day operations and historical financial analysis; this information verifies trends and identifies viable sets of achievable financial projections widely accepted by discerning Buyers. Our extensive industry experience allows us to provide a Fair Market Valuation based on relevant details verified by extensive diligence.

The Pitchbook or "CIM"

The Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), or pitchbook, is a vital tool in every M&A deal. As a seller, it allows you to present your company in its best light. It also saves time for buyers, providing them the relevant information, background, and data they need. The structure of a CIM includes areas such as:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company History
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Client Information
  • Product & Service Overview
  • Core Competencies
  • Management and Employees
  • Financial Overview & Projections

We manage the confidential information and who receives it, creating a starting point to establish consideration and terms. Each suitor is granted access to the CIM only after signing an NDA.

Finding Prospective Buyers

finding prospective financial buyersGladstone Associates, LLC formulates a shortlist of potential acquirers which we have carefully evaluated as having serious interest and the resources to proceed. When the list is approved by you as the seller, and the CIM is complete, we begin marketing to potential strategic and/or financial buyers, depending on your agenda. Strategic Buyers are motivated by synergy and the potential of growth resulting from the combination; Financial Buyers are interested in returns, and they focus on the numbers. We can effectively tailor the presentation of valuation to target buyers who match your future vision for your company.

We take responsibility for the communications process with potential investors and safeguard the confidentiality of relevant materials about the transaction. Our team will also coordinate with all the parties involved including your Stakeholders and those of the suitors; and Attorneys and Accountants. With maximum discretion and authority, we take charge of meeting timetables and resolving problems that may arise during the due diligence process. As your representative, we will undertake the following on your behalf:

  • Contact Buyers
  • Exchange NDAs
  • Distribute the CIM
  • Gauge Initial Interest and Narrow Suitor List
  • Meet With Interested Buyers
  • Share feedback and provide strategic insight
  • Set Up a Data Vault for additional diligence requests
  • Review and negotiate Term Sheets & Letters Of Intent
  • Review and Negotiate Definitive Agreement
  • Refer Industry-specialized Deal Attorneys

Negotiation & Closing the Deal

negotiating and closing the deal for sell-side clientsThis is the point in the process where Gladstone Associates, LLC excels. Our goal is to exceed all expectations by providing multiple options to our Sell-side clients in a fair process. This process is delicate and requires experienced mediators who can see all of the pieces on the board.

We will consult with buyers submitting bids, negotiate preliminary Letters of Intent, then enter into an exclusivity agreement with one bidder working towards a Definitive Agreement. Gladstone Associates, LLC will oversee meetings with buyers and conduct negotiations on the conditions and terms of the transaction. We continue to support due diligence and present finalized deal terms and informed opinions to you and your stakeholders. After it is approved, we supervise the ultimate signing of the Definitive Agreement. Our process is battle-tested and successful, as shown in our past tombstones.

Our role in the negotiations is pivotal, and we work in conjunction with your tax, accounting, and legal advisors to close the transaction. We provide intelligence that can uncover essential information about a buyer's concerns and interest levels through our vast market conversancy. This knowledge allows you as the seller to adjust negotiating strategies if needed.

Delivering Enhanced Value With Sell-Side M&A Advisory

Gladstone Associates, LLC works to bring credibility and an objective perspective to your once in a lifetime business transaction. Our investment of time, our proven experience, and our discrete process allows you and your management team to focus on running your business smoothly during an emotional and exciting journey. We keep the sell-side process moving, negotiate the best possible structure, and propel the right deal to completion. For skilled sell-side advisory services across the nation, Gladstone will provide the competitive edge you need to maximize your transaction.

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