Transaction Advisory

If you are considering buying other firms to spur growth, selling your firm as a means of succession or monetization, or merging with a potential partner, Gladstone has the proven capabilities to handle any engagement.

We are ready and able to provide guidance at all stages of a transaction, from creating the Executive Summary; designing Market Strategy; penetrating the marketplace for prospective targets that fit your exact needs and requirements; analyzing and assessing financial information; appraising value on both sides; brokering the negotiations; analyzing cultural fit and platform compatibility; and structuring LOI’s and Purchase Agreements, right on through to the close.

Our extensive accomplishments are highlighted in Tombstones. While of course we think you should engage with Gladstone, our advice is “don’t go it alone!”

Sell-Side Advisory

Deciding whether and when to sell is one of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur will ever face.

Our Clients have invested years of hard work building a business. Yet the passion and skill that were so useful in building a successful business may not be as valuable in the process of selling it. Retaining Gladstone will maximize the value of your transaction and minimize mistakes.

Buy-Side Advisory

It’s a crowded market for buyers; your acquisitions must make sense on multiple levels. In a fast-changing business environment, the surest path to profitable growth is often through carefully targeted acquisitions.

Gladstone helps buyers achieve their growth objectives and gain a competitive advantage through strategic acquisitions. Our reputation allows you to meet with the best firms, many of whom don’t have a “For Sale” sign on their front lawn.


In today’s marketplace, it is not uncommon for two firms of similar size or business synergies to combine both entities for the good of the firms and their clients.

A Merger strategy can offer a way to achieve a corporate development objective other than a traditional acquisition or divestiture. Gladstone is the professional referee smoothing out the speed bumps on the path to a successful combination.

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